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Thanks Adam for keeping me 100% active for my sport. Makes trainings a lot easier for the body to be fully functional.

by b******d 6 days ago

after 1 appointment i feel great full range of movement i recommend him everywhere this was my first time doing acupuncture and i feel great

by a*************d 1week ago

I had a sore Achilles heel which was not responding to rest and other treatment and a friend told me about Adam. After just two treatments I had significant improvement and it continues to get better. Adam is friendly and professional. He has also helped with my back psin. I thoroughly recommend him if you have an injury or pain. Jane

by j******2 2 weeks ago

Very good service. He promised me 100% pain free within 2 minutes of acupuncture. I hate needles so I closed my eyes and a few minutes later pain was about 90% gone and I could move again, although am being cautious not to aggrevate it...session lasted just under a hour and finished with a massage to the area of concern. I recommend this service if you have pain.

by a*******1 2 weeks ago

If pain is effecting your life then please don't hesitate and go see these people. They are AMAZING!!!! I suffer from chronic pain and have tried different methods including acupuncture with little success and then I found these guys and I am so happy I did. I wont be going anywhere else for treatment except here as what they do really works. Having your pain level made liveable is a game changer!!! Sincerely, Teasha Popenhagen

by s*******0 1month ago

I have known Adam for many years, he is the person I contact when I need treatment, he is very skilled in Acupuncture, highly recommended. Great healing with no medication. Thank you.

by n****9 1month ago

Instant relief! You're the best, man...

by e********y 1month ago

Adam and Jessie have treated me on 3 occasions. I am really pleased with the results for each sports injury. My most recent neck injury had bothered me for 2 months before seeking treatment and now after 4 acupuncture and massage sessions with Adam it is almost 100%. Thank you very much. Definitely recommend Adam and Jessie. Very professional and knowledgeable.

by t****3 2 months ago

I was extremely dubious about acupuncture before having a treatment, two needles and 40 minutes later all my pregnancy aches and pains had disappeared! Would recommend 100% and will definitely return (if the symptoms return!).

by k****s 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing.. instant relief. Very professional and friendly.

by n***7 2 months ago

I wouldn't normally review something but after a back injury at work with alot of discomfort and pain I thought it was worth letting others know that acupuncture works. Adam has done a great job in sorting the pain and getting me back up in running. Im not a massive needle fan so it took a lot for me to try this, I had nothing to worry about as the needles were not painful at all. So give it a go & this is well funded by Acc. Thanks Alan. Cheers Jamie.

by m*****e 2 months ago

Good doctor.

by s********n 2 months ago

Great accupuncturist, I've mostly used him for sports injuries and his treatments have really helped to get me going again after some annoying injuries =).

by g********e 2 months ago

Best man ever!!!! Pain gone within one minute!!! Highly recommend and will Definatly come back and taken a few business cards to hand out to friends and family. Thank you thank thankyou!!!

by s*******0 3 months ago

The pain relief was instant every time as soon as the needles went in, I would fall asleep and to finish with massage left me feeling energised and relaxed. I couldn't wait until my next appointment. I had Quick recovery and such a great result that I recommended Adam and his team to family and friends who also recieved a fantastic result. For fast effective pain relief try acupuncture it really works when done by Adam and his team.

by m*****0 3 months ago

Highly recommended, very skilled

by b*****2 3 months ago

I have been suffering from cold sore for years. It visits me every winter, itchy and painful feelings really annoy the hell out of me. I never give a second to think acupuncture can help me to relieve its symptoms until I met Adam. Adam is very professional and well trained. I tried an hour acupuncture treatment for my cold sore, I felt so reliefed and my cold sore symptoms were improved quite a bit. Strongly recommend him to anyone who needs pain relief.

by j*******4 3 months ago

"LOOK NO FURTHER"... for Pain Relief If you've tried most other relief methods without success then give Adam a call ... I can personally recommend. +++

by p***********s 3 months ago

Adam was fantastic for my neck injury. He is highly professional, personable and knows what he is doing. If you have an injury, stiffness or pain you must try him.

by l*****1 3 months ago

Instant relief, your the best Adam.

by p*******a 3 months ago

Adam, was very confident he could get rid of my back pain. After two treatments of a few needles in my wrist and forearm my pain in my back decreased from 10 to 3. After the third visit it went. Adam also gave me the right stretches to do. Feeling so much better.

by c********t 3 months ago

Adam is worth his weight in gold. I have had a lower back injury and a neck injury. I got straight into him after the injuries and he had me free of pain very quickly. I would highly recommend his treatment. He gets an A+ from me.

by y****1 3 months ago

Excellent treatment, highly recommended to all.

by p*******4 3 months ago

Highly recommend. Skilled and professional acupuncturist.

by t*******a 3 months ago

Great service. The needles don't hurt at all and I was back at work within a couple of days when I expected to have to take a week off.

by h***0 3 months ago

Fantastic service felt very at ease, have been dealing with injury for 2 years and after one session feel heaps better already. Would definitely recommend to others

by s********1 3 months ago

I have had pain relief and healing at various times from Adam's acupuncture for a torn calf, shoulder injury, lower back pain and migraine headache. My headache was so quite severe but amazingly went immediately when he put the needles in which btw do not hurt. I wouldn't trust anyone else to put needles in me...he has 8 years training..Masters degree...not just a short diploma. Can't recommend more highly!!

by w**********1 3 months ago

I got very good treatment as free (ACC). My back pain has gone soon. He is very friendly and kind.

by s*******4 3 months ago

Would recommend Adam. Saw him when I had a frozen shoulder and doctors and physio say nothing they could do.

by g****b 3 months ago

Adam is a true professional in the art of pain relief. My back pain has greatly improved after his treatments. The best part is the massage after the needles. I would highly recommend it. A very happy client!!

by r*******2 3 months ago